Wellness Wednesday: No Stress!

I always find Wednesday to be that day in the week that needs some extra love. Its that mid way through your week, two days away from the weekend stump. In my case Wednesdays are stressful.

Stress can damage our immune system, and compromise our health according to some studies.

Every Wednesday I like to treat myself to a spa like experience. I fill my tub with Essential oils, Bath Bombs, and Epsom Salt. There are many alternatives to have a spa day.Take time for yourself to unwind from a workday, work week, or a weekend to indulge at a spa.

Essential oils have many benefits to them, all the depends on the kind you decide to use and also the blend you create, some essential oils work great together and create an amazing scent. Some of my favorite essential oils are below.


Lavender is my forever love it leaves me feeling relaxed, and calm. Its great for when your about to go to bed.

I even created a blend to take with me anywhere i go to relax me when I am feeling stressed and bring me back to the present moment. If you want to learn how to create the blend i created below leave a comment below. 🙂  Its super easy to make.


I also like to buy products from Lush such as Bath bombs, I light a candle, play some meditation music, add flowers or petals to my bath and just enjoy present moment, in my tub, no distractions. Sometimes i even take time to read a magazine or book. The point is i took time to relax and not stress.

Bath bomb-17


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